Back in Action!

Dear Farm Partners and Friends,

My goodness! I was a lot less post-y over the winter than I thought I would be. Pardon my negligence! But spring has burst upon us now, and the farm is starting to teem with life and activity. So begins another round of craziness!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the things we’ve been busy with over the past few months:


In January we began setting the posts for our new greenhouse, and have been assembling it since then. This photo was taken a little while ago, and we now have the top plastic on. There’s a bit of work to do still on the end walls, but then we’ll be about ready to use it.


We also accomplished another one of our top winter projects right before Christmas. We laid a concrete slab back behind the barn where we wash and pack produce. We use a lot of water back there, so it was quite a mud pit before that concrete went in. This has improved our washing and packing process exceedingly!


We carved out initials into it, and then WENT ON VACATION.


Red Russian Kale and Caraflex Cabbages.

While Jeremy has been doing a lot of heavy field work and construction work on the greenhouse (as well as lots of general strategizing), I’ve been starting plants. LOTS of little plants. We now have a least 10,000 growing rapidly in one of our hoop houses. It’s amazing to look at these little guys and think they they will soon fill up our fields and greenhouses.


We also direct-sowed our first plants out in the field on Friday: Potatoes, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day (a traditional date for potato-planting).

And, as we’ve been advertising:

~Jeremy is giving a FREE WORKSHOP on our farm on Saturday, March 22nd. You can RSVP here. You can also see the previous post.

~The CSA season is almost upon us, so check out our CSA options and sign up at Don’t forget to look at our NEW Market Card CSA option!

~We will be back at Farmer’s Market on Saturdays in downtown Eugene, so do stop by starting in April!

It’s great to be back! We’re looking forward to sharing another season with you.