To Farm is to Adapt

Dear Friends,

We hope you enjoyed Jeremy’s interview on the Farmer to Farmer Podcast last week! It was awesome to be featured on such a great podcast and share about our farm.

Many thanks to everyone who rallied around us with supportive and encouraging notes after we shared our struggles in “Hard Times“. We appreciate being able to be honest about hard stuff, and to be heard.

The spring continues to be a crazy ride and we are pushing ahead, scrambling to get our transplants out into the field. The pressure is really on when just one person is doing most of the transplanting, in this case Jeremy. Bit by bit we’re getting things planted. Even though it’s difficult to get a lot of work done, we’re getting more work done than we were. Things are certainly moving, and we’re sure that once summer hits the farm will really be hopping.


Our situation pushes us to keep improving, to keep adapting. Even if we’ve been more limited in our time, the wheels are turning and the conversation keeps going. In some ways having a newborn in the middle of spring has forced us to work more efficiently and seek improvements on the farm. Lately the conversations between Jeremy and I have been extremely productive. We’re quickly figuring out how to adapt to get more done in less time.

Most of our current discussions have been hashing and rehashing how we can prepare beds, plant, cultivate, and harvest our crops more efficiently. The list of “farm projects” and “tools to buy” seems to lengthen a little during these conversations, but if you view the list as a road map then the future is looking bright.



In reality, it’s still mostly Jeremy on farm duty, and me on baby duty, but these roles are beginning to cross over and merge, which gives us hope. For the first time this last week we were out transplanting together. As we placed fennel, parsley, and lettuce in the ground it felt really good to be back in the swing of things.

Marion, A.K.A .”The Peach” by her adoring parents, is growing up fast and recently passed  the 10 pound mark on the scale. She has increasingly red hair and is smiling and cooing away between diaper changes and nursing. She has been enjoying a new measure of independence while being put down on a blanket or in her bouncy seat while I hurry to start seeds or fill flats with potting mix.

She loves being outside in the breeze and in the sun. It feels like she is fitting in on the farm already, enjoying her first spring, adapting to her environment.



Farmer to Farmer Podcast

This week Jeremy was featured as a guest on the Farmer to Farmer Podcast, our favorite podcast (though, I must admit it is the only podcast we have listened to).

The host, Chris Blanchard, has done a great job interviewing some of the continent’s best farmers and sharing information that has helped us as beginners.

Have a listen and get the inside scoop on what we do at Excelsior Farm